VolticPistol is a 2D medieval-cyberpunk platformer where you shoot or slice your way through your enemies. Every time you face death, your clone will reappear with a different set of stats, along with a different set of enemies to face. Each level will never be played the same way twice! The player will need to adapt to different stats and enemies to emerge at the top of the castle for victory!


  • 8 Unique Characters and Abilities
  • Explore the futuristic kingdom with over 21 levels
  • Dynamic Soundtrack that changes based on intense situations
  • Features New Game +
  • Discover Secret Areas and Increase Stats
  • Ultrawide Support
  • Available in 8 different languages.


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  • Do you like fast paced platform shooters, with an emphasis on skill and replayability, with multiple characters and playstyles? If yes, check out VolticPistol! All in all, even though the graphics might deter some people from getting it, VolticPistol is an interesting game that fans of fast paced action games should really check out!
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VolticPistol Original Soundtrack (OST)
Original Soundtrack also available on the Steam Store!

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VolticPistol Credits

Dakota DeMaegd
Game Developer
Dmitry Voloshyn, Chirp Chirp Sounds
Game Composer